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MARTIN J MURGATROYD D.O. ~ Registered Osteopath


COVID-19 Update

Updated on 30th July 2020

Hello, welcome to new and existing patients.

“I’M BACK”! Well actually, I have never been away, just waiting in the wings giving advice to regulars and deferring new patients until a time where I can talk face to face with the ability to examine and offer treatment. This to me is part of the pleasure of my job and is an essential element of Osteopathy.

It is my intention to be available do treatments from Monday the 8th of June. Although this will be on irregular days depending on patient numbers. There has been plenty of interest, but I am still required to screen for Covid-19 and check suitability based on Vulnerability and Need to be compliant with my Professional Duty of Care and Government Guidelines for treatment and your protection.

Here is a list of reasons that you might not be suitable for treatment:


Temperature 37.5 C -Fever 37.8 C or higher

Cough, usually dry, non-reproductive that is frequent through the day

Difficulty breathing

Loss of smell

Extreme tiredness

Loss of appetite

If yes to any of the above

Action to take: You self-isolate immediately  for 10 days , call NHS 111 for advice on self-isolation. You may be asked to ring 119 to be tested as part of Track and Trace where your results may be back within 48 hours.

Been in contact with someone recently diagnosed or having the symptoms of Covid-19

Or you have been tested positive yourself within 14 days

Action to take: Wait in self-isolation 14 days before considering coming in for treatment call NHS 111 if you need advice or your symptoms deteriorate particularly respiratory distress.


You are >65

Chronic respiratory disease (COPD), smoker

Cardiovascular disease, Hypertension

Renal, Liver disease

Diabetic, Obesity

Malignancy or Immune suppressed

Live with someone with the above comorbidity or live in nursing/long term facility

Action to take: I am currently treating patients in the vulnerable category. strict  screening for highly vulnerable  patients will be considered in August 2020, Call me if you are thinking that your situation is marginal, seriously consider the need to have treatment based on the possible risk to your life should you contract Covid-19. Or wait until a time when shielding is no longer required for the elderly and the medically vulnerable.


You are NOT in distress physically or mentally because of your condition and therefore NOT requiring treatment based on the relative risk of contracting Covid-19

You do NOT have a chronic condition that will possibly become severe if you do not receive maintenance treatment

You are suffering a condition that is NOT suitable to Osteopathic treatment, i.e. you need emergency referral, or you have a problem better suited to another therapy.

Action to take: So, you do not have Covid-19 or likely to develop its symptoms. You are not particularly vulnerable but are in desperate need of treatment because of intensity, duration, or deterioration. Call me and let us talk this through and see if I am able to offer you treatment.

I hope this has helped you come to a decision about seeing me. At this point in time the rules and the Virus haven’t changed since the end of March 2020 but what has changed  is the processes that have been put in place, in terms of risk assessment and implemented changes to procedures and protocol. I hope that if you cannot see me now you soon will. If you are upset or concerned that you have been excluded, I can do a risk assessment with you so please phone.

If you are confident that you need treatment and are in a low risk group, rest assured that I have implemented strict health and safety measures that will make the risk of infection or cross infection as minimal as is practically possible. Please click above on FORMS PAGE to view my Risk Assessment & Protocol FORM:- You will be required to read this to prove that you understand what has been done to make your care as safe as possible and make you aware of what to expect during the treatment process. Before coming in you are required to read the Risk and Compliance FORM:- which essentially says you have read the Risk Assessment form and agree with it and are willing to follow covid-19 control measures. If you are a new patient also read the Guidance Notes for New patients FORM. No need to print off the Forms as I will provide one for you to sign on arrival using sanitised pad and pen.

One last note I apologise in advance if there is interruption in my practice as rules may change, self-isolation may be invoked, or PPE might run out.  But let’s keep positive and pushing to a safe and gradual return to normality.

Stay Well, Stay Safe and Stay Alert.


Any guidance on this page is current as of the date of publishing and as such guidance may change quickly at short notice.


Regus Offices, Cinnamon House, Cinnamon Park, Crab Lane, Fearnhead, WARRINGTON, WA2 0XP.

Formerly on Manchester Road and Gemini


Registered Osteopathic Practitioner



The G.Os.C. is a government body set up to give Osteopaths the same recognition, training and ethical standards to that of Doctors, Dentists and Opticians. From May 2000 it became an offence for anyone practising in the UK to claim expressly or by implication to be any kind of Osteopath unless registered with the G.Os.C .

Thoroughly caring for you!

Patient Consultation2
consultation with patient

Hello, If you’re here for the first time or checking me out even, why not have a read and see if this practice is what you’re after. If in doubt ask around there’s nothing like personal recommendation. I look forward to seeing you soon.

General Information

Osteopathy is used to help relieve discomfort and stiffness associated with age injury and disease. Although the word Osteopathy does mean the study of bones treatment is mostly to soft tissues, such as muscles, ligaments and connective tissues. Using gentle massage, articulation, stretching and if appropriate controlled joint release is used to achieve a desired restoration of good function to muscle, nerve and circulation this allows the body to heal without the obstacle of dysfunction. i.e. Treat the cause not the symptoms.

It is our aim to make you feel welcome comfortable and at ease and be treated as we would wish to be treated ourselves. Every effort is made to give a quick and lasting improvement whilst being sensitive to your levels of pain and discomfort during treatment.


REGUS, Cinnamon House, Cinnamon Park, Crab Lane, Fearnhead, WARRINGTON, WA2 0XP

TEL/FAX 01925 635670