What is the scope of Osteopathy?

Although general backache (not arising from injury or accident), which affects four out of five people at some time in their lives, is the most common complaint treated by Osteopaths, many other conditions affect the body frame. Headache arising from the neck, neuralgia’s like sciatica, peripheral joint strain to knees, hips, ankles, feet, elbows, shoulder, ribs etc. may also be treated (as an adjunct to core Osteoarthritis treatments and exercise) and are part of the scope and training of Osteopathy. During pregnancy, when the change in posture gives rise to muscular tensions and joint pain and discomfort, Osteopathic treatment is offered with the added benefit of drug avoidance (if advised to be safe to do so by your physician or GP).

Sports men and women can be treated at all levels too. Some are anxious to get back to their sport as quickly as possible after uncomplicated minor strains, others may have a problem which is preventing them from functioning at their best and they are recording poor performances so require fine tuning. Osteopathy may be offered patients after surgery who have uncomplicated mechanical problems, particularly when the body might have difficulty in adapting to the change in its new mechanics. Osteopathy may be of benefit in many conditions associated with every age.

Martin Murgatroyd Osteopath
Martin Murgatroyd Osteopath

What are the principles of Osteopathic care?

Martin’s own opinion on Osteopathy is that it is a system of reaching a diagnosis and treatment of all parts of the body, based on paying attention to mechanical and anatomical detail while at the same time understanding the whole structure of the person and environmental factors that may influence one’s ability to recover.

Treatment in Martin’s surgery is given by manual handling of soft tissues and joints. This affords complete control over the amount and location of necessary treatment. Regard is always paid to achieving as quick and lasting recovery as is possible.

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