Your First Visit to an Osteopath

What happens on my first Treatment?

On arrival you will be given a short form to read as standard best practice, asked to sign this to indicate you have read it and a privacy notice to demonstrate GDPR regulations are being met (full details of privacy policy can be found on the online booking link page). These forms explain what to expect in terms of care to make you feel at ease with your therapist and that your records are private and secure.

A first consultation with an Osteopath is similar to that with any medical practitioner. The Osteopath will want to know how the symptoms began and the factors which affect them. A complete medical history will be taken, when previous illness and injuries and also current treatments will be noted.

An Osteopath is qualified to carry out a conventional examination and to reach a diagnosis, so he may decide to make an orthopaedic, neurological or circulatory examination. MRI scans, X-rays, blood tests or analyses may be offered as well. This part of the examination is very important because patients may not have seen their Doctor beforehand. An Osteopath is trained to identify any condition which might require other treatments or referral.

What do I wear?

Osteopaths try to look to areas away from the focal areas of pain to be sure about pain referral and/or that there are not factors influencing ones ability to compensate for ones injuries. For this reason it is occasionally requested that you change down to your under garments particularly on your first consultation and gowns are available.

DON’T PANIC ! You will never be expected to get into a state of undress you are not entirely happy with. For this reason some patients wear cycle shorts and sports vests or shorts and T shirts. The main request is to avoid thick collars or heavy thick waistbands and if possible to use loose stretch materials.

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